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Does Koodo have Windows 10 phones?

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I am considering a phone change as I'm starting a small business and want to be able to use Office 365 for on-the-go transactions and record keeping.  With that in mind it makes sense to move to a Windows 10 phone and have everything laptop, tablet, phone and 365 subscription under one roof.

I read some threads here about Windows phones but I don't see any on the phones pages of the website - so are the threads merely conversation and queries about Windows phones bought elsewhere or did I miss something on the website?

Finally, if I did move to a Windows phone, is it compliant with what Koodo offer to northern Ontario customers re: connectivity, software compliance and updates etc.  Really like Koodo and would rather not move to a lesser service to get the system I need.

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I agree ... more and more people are starting to realize that it just makes sense to have one operating system for all of your devices.  It makes for little to no compatibility issues, and zero learning curve from one device to another.

Koodo unfortunately has not been offered a good deal on windows phones from a manufacturer, therefore there is no point in passing that offer on to their customers ... hence, there are no windows phones offered on their website.  On the good news side however, this means there are good deals on windows phones available from other retailers.  Currently you can buy unlocked windows 8.1 phones for as little as $100 ... windows 10 phones for as little as $169.  I you want all the bells and whistles on your device like a 20MP Camera etc, then you can pay up to +$900 (http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msca/en_CA/list/All-Windows-phones/categoryID.65144900

As far as wither they will work with Koodo or not ... remember Koodo is a re-seller of mobile service like most service provider companies in Canada ... they do not have their own network.  There are only two mobile networks in Canada ... Rogers owns one, the other is owned and shared between Bell & Telus.  Both networks use the same technology (WCDMA/HSPA+/LTE) within the same spectrum ... all phones will work on either network equally well.  The Operating system on your mobile device will not affect your geographical reception of a network.  In fact, that part of your device (mobile communications like phone calls) has not changed for the past 10 years.

Summary ... get yourself an unlocked windows phone, then put your koodo SIM card in it ... you'll be glad you did.

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It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want them so Koodo stopped carrying them. After talking to top brass at Koodo about them they said they're harder to sell than BlackBerry devices and they're not great sellers either. That said go the unlocked route if you do want one because Koodo has no intention of carrying them at this time.
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It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want ...The reasons they don't sell is that
A: Koodo don't stock them and (you can't sell what you don't stock!)
B: the associates that work in the Koodo kiosks can't see beyond their iPhone and Android devices and sales promotions - even where alternative phones are offered.

Level the playing field and then make proclamations that 'not many ppl want them'.
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It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want ...No they had them for awhile and they didn't sell. It doesn't matter what the sales person recommends as most ppl have their OS chosen and in most cases device they want picked out before they ever go to buy it. This is always the same argument by Windows phone fans and it just doesn't hold up. Ppl want what the best device for their money is and that is one that is used by others and that isn't windows phone plain and simple. Everything is made for Android and iPhones whether it's apps, accessories, cases, everywhere you go because no matter where you go windows doesn't sell well period.
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It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want ...Walk into any phone retail outlet and you are going to get pushed toward Android or iPhone - that is the reality. I walked into a Best Buy to ask about Windows phones generally and the associate wouldn't even engage in a conversation. I was pointed to where the Windows phones were located - p'raps 2 steps from where we were stood and by the time I got there, he had turned and was scurrying away up the aisle. It was the same with Blackberry where huge advertising budgets and promotions pushed the devices out of the mainstream but I suppose that "[i]is always the same argument by Blackberry phone fans" also??  Our opinions and choices seemingly don't count when it is easier to be a sheep and follow the flock.
It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want ...Paul,
Please don't try to convince me you know what the "Top Brass" says about Koodo's practices.  If so, ask him to post it here.

In short, the android OS is FREE for manufactures to place in their handsets ... Microsoft cannot compete with FREE.  Therefore manufacturers create more handsets with Android OS than Windows OS.  Handset manufacturers create "deals" with service providers for the models they have the highest quantity of ... it's that simple.

The worst deals on handsets have traditionally always been through the service providers.  Now that the laws have recently changed in Canada, unlocked mobile devices are being sold in more web-stores & retailers all the time.  Note: Canada is normally 5 years behind the USA, and the USA is 5 years behind Europe/Asia for these types of things ... keep watching Walmart. 
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It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want ...In 2014, Microsoft dropped the licensing fee for Windows Phone to encourage manufacturers to make new devices. Several companies did introduce (mostly low-cost) Windows phones, but only a few of them made it to Canada. If you want to buy a Windows phone here, your choices are Microsoft and BLU.

Most of the low-cost devices were released with WP 8 or 8.1 and cannot be upgraded to 10, despite Microsoft's claim that they would be supported. I have a Lumia 635 with 512 MB RAM; I had installed the preview version of WP 10 but had enough glitches that I went back to 8.1. They do support the 1 GB version of that phone, but never sold it here.

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It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want ...Great information, thank you! Not ever having been a fan of 8.1 I'll be careful to steer clear of those phones which have it and claim to support the W10 upgrade.
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It's not that Koodo hasn't been offered a good deal on Windows phone it's that not many ppl want ...Paul, Windows Phone's poor sales have many compounding reasons, and everyone is to blame, from Microsoft to carriers (from the top brass down to retail sales).

I've seen people being directed to a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 over a Lumia 520. No objective sales associate should ever make that recommendation.

You assume that everyone want all the apps, all the time. Everyone is getting into the smartphone game these days, from children to the elderly. Many haven't had a smartphone before. Many don't care about many of the popular apps (I've personally not used Snapchat, and a lot of my friends don't either).

Carriers don't want the best products. They want products that sell with minimum effort. It's up to Microsoft to step up and make selling its products easier to sell for carriers. In North America, phone popularity is dictated by what the carriers offer. No carrier support, no growth.
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@Owen - thanks for the link, I used it to find the same phone on Amazon for $90 less and 2 day delivery rather than the 5-7 days from Microsoft.
Again ... on this forum as well.  The windows haters are quick to stand up for their overpriced devices and fail to address the poster's question.

By the way David ... you hit the nail on the head with the sheep comment.  Most people just want what the guy next to them has ... that's it.
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I'm currently using a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and love it. But, it is rather expensive. Unless you need the bells and whistles (top of the line camera/camcorder, top-tier SoC for Continuum, etc), I'd recommend purchasing the Lumia 650 from Microsoft. They deliver quickly and return shipping is free if you don't like the phone. I got my parents the BLU Win HD LTE, which is another good entry choice, but that was before the 650 was released.
I am using the Lumia 640XL and can't be happier ... it is considered a mid-level phone but a 13MP camera is fine enough for my needs and the processor is fast enough to do all the file sharing editing that I do ... like no other phone I've had before.  It is eligible for the free windows 10 upgrade when available and can't wait.

We have 5 other windows phones in my household ... (3X Blu Win Jr, Samsung ATIV, Lumia 635).  The kids love them ... there most common comment is that they do not have any of the "issues" their friends are experiencing with their non-windows phones.

For $119, the entry level BluWin Jr has the features and performance equal to or greater than mid-level "non-windows" phones.
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Oh look windows phone sales are completely in the toilet now yikes, from 8.5 million down to just 2.5 million http://www.phonedog.com/2016/04/21/microsoft-sold-23-million-lumia-q3-FY16-down-86-million-one-year-ago
Oh look windows phone sales are completely in the toilet now yikes, from 8.5 million down to just...Paul … enough!
David was asking for thoughts on windows phones and where to get them.  As actual “users” of windows phones, Ivan and I have provided him with our opinions and further information/suggestions on purchasing one.
You however, have failed to address anything from David’s posts.  Not to worry, you’re not alone.  Most people who trash Windows phones have never had one.
By-the-way, your article highlights my earlier point … If you want a great phone that meets all your needs at an affordable price, then seek-out unlocked phones from independent retailers anywhere in North America [i](Ivan and I provided a couple models as examples).  If you simply want what everyone else has regardless if it meets your needs or is reasonably priced, then buy whatever your local service provider is pushing. 
[b]Note: You get good value for your money with most windows phones as well as a couple Android models, but there is no money to be made for the service providers so they do not promote/carry them.