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Does anyone know if Koodo supports Nokia Lumia 520 phone?

Looking to buy a Nokia Lumia 520 Unlocked cell phone. I want to make sure it is compatible with Koodo. Please let me know if you've got one that is carried by Koodo. Thank you

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Yes it should work no problem, Koodo used to have the phone. you may need to download the access point app which will allow you to correctly set data and mms apns. The app is not searchable in the marketplace but can be downloaded from the link below or from other apps like SysApp pusher http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=ce3895c7-01d0-4daf-a4c3-25c10463942d
So it should work with Koodo as the carrier right? I don't need data. I just need it to be able to put it on a plan so I can do the basics like unlimited text, phones calls etc. Thank you
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Yes. Youv will need a SIM card from koodo unless you already with them and have one that 's compatible.
Perfect. That's all I needed to know! Thank you to all who replied!