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Difficulty adding to Data Booster on Prepaid plan

I use the Koodo prepaid plan. Yesterday I realized I needed to add money to my Data Booster. I came home and accessed Koodo prepaid on-line. I selected add $30 for the 1GB Data plan. Then the page says 'waid scroll down and press back' which I did. The $30 went into my general account not my Dada Booster as I had intended. How do I fix this, and how do I avoid this in the future.age

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You can just go back into self service and add the booster again, no harm done 🙂 Sometimes the site glitches a little but as long as the funds are there, you can add the booster at any point in time!
Yes but I already added $30 that was intended for the Data Booster, that went into the general account.  How do I get that $30 back to pay for the Data Booster?

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Actually all the money you top up is added to the "general account", and if you wait long enough, it would just be used to renew your base plan. However, you said you wish to use it for a data booster, so you'll need to log in, click add booster add-on, then click the $30 data booster and click add to my order. After that you click Purchase booster add-on, and the data booster will be added.