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  • 1 August 2019
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This is the first time I couldn't see or download my current bill (July 2019) and couldn't get help from on-line service Koodo Assist. I have tried to log in to my account with three different browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome, IE11) and I still couldn't see my current bill for July 27. I figured there must have been some changes on billing on-line page, but I couldn't resolve the problem. Has anyone experienced the same?

3 replies

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Do you have a regular owed amount for what's due? You at least have a few weeks to pay. I'd give it a day or two to see if the bill generates then. Feel free to let us know then if you still don't have it
Yes, the amount due is regular and I gave them authorization to charge my credit card. Funny thing is, I got a notification about incoming bill from Koodo on July 27 and just heard from a friend that I should try one more time tonight (July 31). It's strange, I was able to see/download my bill immediately after receiving a Koodo message. I'll let you know what happened, thanks for the reply!
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What is your billing cycle?
You usually see your updated bill 3-5days after your bill date.
Like, my bill date is 14th( cycle is 15th - 14rh,), and I can see my new/current bill around between 17th to 19th.
They sometimes send you a bill notification before e-bill is actually generated.
But if you wait for extra day or two, you will see updated/new bill.