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Cracked screen while charging - Nokia Lumia 520

Any one got a nokia lumia 520 that's cracked its screen while charging ?

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Rock solid device, only gripe, it's a fingerprint magnet. The L-520 heats up a little during charging, but that's common with most phones today. I've never felt the L-520 heat up to the point where it would break the touchscreen glass. Do you see any damage to the battery? If you see a bulging battery or droplets of liquid inside the phones' battery compartment, chances are the battery may have 'exploded'. Extremely rare and I've yet to read any reports concerning this, but if this is the case, use caution when handling the battery. If you come into contact with any liquid, wash you hands immediately as the liquid is corrosive. If you could, upload a screenshot of the device. I'm curious to see the damage to the screen and/or battery.
The phone has no battery problems . It just cracked while it was charging . My phone often got very hot while charging but never thought it would of cracked
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Well, in order for the glass to crack in the manner you've specified, your battery would have had to reach some extremely high temperatures, this is not normal. The battery is the only component in your phone that produces heat when charging and it shouldn't reach temperatures anywhere near capable of cracking glass. There's a definite problem with battery or battery charger. Batteries have fail-safe circuitry built into them to prevent overheating and it's obvious that this has failed and has now caused damage to your phone. Generic vehicle chargers can have a similar effect if they are not specifically rated for the device. The wall charger that shipped with your L-520 may have become defective, possibly allowing a higher than normal amperage level to enter the battery resulting in overheating. For safety reasons, if you're still within the 14-day exchange period, I would recommend returning the device and exchanging it for a new one, or send the device in for repair.

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The included wall charger supplies 750mAh. Standard USB charging is about 500mAh if I recall correctly. Some car chargers can put out over 1Ah (1000mAh). Which car charger are you using Sam?