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Cracked screen, Nokia Lumia 520

My fiance had his Nokia Lumia 520 in his pocket at work yesterday and when he took it out to call me the screen was cracked badly on one side and the touch screen will not work at all. Is it possible to have it repaired without it costing alot, or possiby covered under manufacturers warranty?

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No waranty covers this kind of damage. You could try and explain that it's a non sense the way it happened and maybe get a special free repair. But unfortunately you'll most likely need to pay for the repair!
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Like Robert said it will not be covered under warranty as its considered physical damage. So really For the price of the phone and the price of the repair your better off to get a new phone. I'd suggest checking out the Motorola Moto G from Koodo is only $150 outright so it could be free on the tab possibly and it's an amazing phone for the price and has comparable specs to the iPhone whichis worth a whole lot more. If he's invested in Windows Phone alot through purchasing apps then he might wwant to try getting a phone elsewhere and unlock it to use on Koodo's service.
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You'll have to get another phone! 😞