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I've just stumbled across a Windows Phone app called PhotoBeamer. If you have a WP device, you simply must try this free app. It's a Nokia exclusive. What this does is send your device photos to any browser screen (even on other cell phones). All you do is navigate to www.photobeamer.com on the target device (tv, monitor, smartphone, or tablet) which brings up a QR code. You scan the code with the PhotoBeamer app which immediately sends the selected photo to that screen. You can then flick through your gallery in the app and the target display will change automatically (presumably through witchcraft). I think that this is a wonderfully simple way to showcase photos to people without having to send them via WiFi, BT, etc.

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Seems like a interesting app. i downloaded it but have yet to give it a try, though I am a little wary of what data charge may get applied if I use it with data instead of Wi-fi as the app will "each time you open the app. the pictures on your phone are temporarily stored Nokia servers " If this send all photo from your phone that could cause some serious data usage. You could do the same thing with Skydrive.