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"Contact us" isn't working.

  • 20 February 2014
  • 6 replies

I'm trying to use "contact us" because I don't want to publish my complaints on here. That page isn't working. A blank site appears.

6 replies

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What contact information are you looking for? What browser are you using? I'm currently using Internet Explorer and I was able to see the headings for different options to contact. As such, I was able to get the contact details.
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Hi Amy, Are you running an ad blocker by any chance in Chrome? I do too and the page doesn't show up for me either, I'm always forced to use the browser in incognito mode. Would that help you out for now?
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It's not working for me either
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It's not working for me eitherNo wait.... now its working for me. Try it again!
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Works for me in Chrome, although not runninf an ad blocker.
Thanks everyone! Sophie's suggestion worked for me.