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  • 6 February 2019
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It seems that koodo has a error in billing. I was charged 3.06 for a late fee. A friend also on Koodo was charged a late fee.
First customer service said that it was me because I paid my bill late. After asking for a supervisor to call back. It was a error in their bill department the was a auto print out error. So in other words...the computer that prints out your bill is charging everyone a late fee.

This shows up on your credit rating as a late bill payment.
They gave me a credit of 3.06 but the late fee still show up on the bill as a late payment that is now on my credit record.
If I had not checked my bill they would have made 3.06 from me. LOOK AT THIS:----> 3.06 time 1,000,000 customers ( internet: koodo customers stated as of 2014) =- 3,000600.00 (yes millions) they have made for a error. But remember that it is up to the customer to check the bill to make sure it is correct.
So I have asked for a letter stating that it is KOODO's error. They say they don't do that. But have sent a letter to Equifax to state it is KOODO error. The common consumer knows that getting a error corrected on your credit report is like fighting Revenue Canada to get your money beck from them.
If anyone else has the same issue on the January 2019 bill send me a email or paste on my face book.

4 replies

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Assuming that it did happen to everyone. Yeah unfortunately they pit the onus on the customer. But I believe if it's large scale enough that they would correct it as well but that's just hope. It doesn't look like I've been hit with late fees.
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No late fees for me either on my January 2019 bill.
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Did they give out any other explaination for you and your friend bill?
How did you pay Koodo? Did you pay the full amount of the bill? During several years of being customer, I haven't seen this error of late bill on my bill.
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My Jan 2019 statement is clean as a whistle. Every line is accurate.