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Bring El Tabador to Android phone bootups and wallpaper for a unique experience

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Ace from Koodo. The bootup sound is great, but it would be the ultimate Koodo phone experience to have a mashup of Koodo's El Tabador and Andy the Android on my bootup screen, with optional wallpaper. Imagine being greeted by Andy the Android wearing El Tabador's mask, shorts, boots, and armbands (let's face it, his legs are already green for the pants) in a classic El Tabador pose. I know it would require the cooperation of Google, but I think the mashup could be both amusing, and a cool reason to get your phone from Koodo. Uniquely Koodo Android boot splash screen and wallpapers please! Of course, if that couldn't be done due to copyright, how about El Tabador with his arm around Andy in a buddy pose?

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To change the boot animation that would need to be done by the OEM not the carrier. An interesting idea though. Not sure I'd want it, but still interesting.
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You can take a screen shot of any photo on the Web & crop it and set it as a well paper. well I guess you can't with the Galaxy Ace but every other Android phone Koodo carries which all have at least Android 4.0 can do it.