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Booster pack Promos

Hi, When is the next Booster Promo coming - that was the incentive that got me switch to Koodo Pre paid but we have been waiting since Dec 2013 - no more booster pack, minutes/data sale???
Please do include those promos few times in year other wise I dontt find Prepaid any attarictive than the big companies. Also  Fido etc have circle calling but Koodo doe snot have free prepaid circle calling??

Please bring those promos back as other companies have better advantages otherwise.

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Unfortunately nobody will know until it happens so you'll just have to keep an eye out for any deals that may pop up. That said you should post this as an idea to bring it to Koodo's attention.
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What better advantages? Please use real examples. Koodo is the only one that allows you to rollover and if you haven't need to buy a booster since 2013, regardless of the promo giving you double, Koodo prepaid is 100% better for you. If you want to switch and start paying monthly for data and minutes, you do you