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Balance incorrect and Visa payments kept giving error

  • 13 July 2017
  • 3 replies

Paid several times with Visa using Chrome, always getting error. Tried another Visa credit card got error. Then received email saying it was paid. Huh!? Well, went back to check balance. Firefox says balance is 0. Restarted Chrome and logged in and states amount paid but says balance is still what was owing. Now I am not sure how many payments actually went through on the Visa card since they all gave an error but it shows balance as 0 in one of the 2 browsers?

3 replies

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I would just wait a few hours and see of everything appears fine on the website and the payments went through and only once on your visa. Also try clearing your history and cookies and see if it appears right on the other browser.
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You have no outstanding balance ES. We did get the payment for the last bill on July 1st. Your next bill is not due till the 24th. 
Access their page using Edge ...