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WPH international long distance add on

I have seen lots of advice on this but did anyone get a solution? On the site it doesn't allow this to be added. The phone is a few months old. I want to avoid charges for calling of course.

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Are you talking about the International long distance saver add-on for Wireless Home phone that costs $3 month? I see that add-on on the add-on page when in self serve and in manage add-ons. You don't see it or you see it but it won't let you add it to your account?

If it won't let you add it you can contact Koodo and have them add it. They won't charge you since it won't allow you to add it yourself. Request a callback through the assistant.

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What was the messgage you saw when you tried to add the add-on in selfserve?
If you cannot do it in your self serve, Koodo won't charge you. (You need to mention when you talk to an agent).

I would suggest you send message to their facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Koodo) or setup a callback.
Thanks Mats & Dinh,
I'll try FB as it doesn't allow it online.