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Wireless Phone Hub - cell number or new number

Hello Community!


I need your expertise.  My elderly Mom has dementia & fills my business cell phone mailbox daily to the point I am missing clients.

I have blocked her number however she is still able to leave voice messages.

The only solution I see is either changing my business number or I get the wireless hub.

If I do purchase the wireless hub,  could I use my existing cell number and would that give me the ability to block her completely from leaving voice messages but still be able to see that she has phoned so that I may call her back?

Or would I have to get a new number with the wireless hub.  

Could Call Control address this?  I have a Samsung S8

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From what i recall, call control is a feature offered to prevent spam calls. I’m sure your she is not a robot, therefore would be able to bypass the secuirty test (https://community.koodomobile.com/articles-by-koodo-232899/what-is-call-control-7798337). That’s what you’re referring to? If you purchase a WHP, you’d get the possiblity to have more VM left on your phone then with a mobile phone number where there’s a limit.

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If you get a wireless homephone you will be assigned a new number for the home phone.  Would this be ok to get your mom to call that number instead?  This way your business number will still remain for your clients.


Unless your mom only remembers your work number and you would rather change your business number to a new number?