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wireless home phone quality poor

  • 31 August 2019
  • 4 replies

Trying to use a brand new Panasonic base unit model number KX – TGF350C Can hear people very clearly but they say that my voice sounds very echoey and hard to understand Also I have tried a dollar store phone and it's 100% better they can understand me and sounds really good
But I would like to use my brand new Panasonic phone is there anything I can do ?

4 replies

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This sounds like an issue with your Panasonic phone and not with koodo's WHP base.

You may have better luck inquiring with Panasonic. It could also be a defective Panasonic phone
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Hmmm we have a Panasonic system as well, and no problems with the wireless home phone. Do you get a good cell reception where you are? Does it happen constantly or intermittently?
i know phone works fine on telus lines
i reset whp base and now its a little bit bettter but not as nice as i would like

what brand/model# cordless phone that works thanks
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I'm sure all brands work. There's no limited compatibility like with cellphones.