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Wireless Home Phone connection


I recently received the hub from Koodo to set up a wireless home phone, and I can’t get a connection.  I’ve tried everything that was suggested and so far have had no luck. I’m wondering whether the SIM card was supposed to have been activated and wasn’t?? I didn’t receive any notification that anything had been activated. Should this have come in an email? Please help me! We’ve been a week without long distance now, and am still being carried by 2 providers!!


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How recently was it that you received your Hub and sim?


WHat was the Order number?


When you login to self serve, do you see the home phone line on the account?

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Hey there! The line is active on our side. If you still have issues with the services, please  send us a private message on Facebook (https://m.me/Koodo) so we can look into this for you.