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Wireless Home Phone

  • 5 February 2019
  • WHP
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Hi Everyone,

My wireless home hub won't stop "flashing" - notifying me that there is a voicemail. This, in turn, causes the phone that it is attached to notify me that there is a voicemail. Problem is, there is no voicemail. I have logged in to my phone inbox and it says that there are no messages. For good measure, I have also clicked "delete all" - just in case, but no luck.

I have unplugged/turned off both the phone and the hub on several different occasions - the voicemail notification goes away for about 5 minutes, and then comes back. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!

Help? Suggestions? Has anyone else had this happen?

1 reply

Try calling your home phone and leave a message. Then listen to it and delete it. This might make the notification go away.