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Wireless Home Phone

  • 11 January 2019
  • 3 replies

I just got the WHP, so far it's great, but my question is , if someone calls me from outside of Canada, will I be charged for the call? & how will I be charged for collect calls, if any coning in. Thank U in advance, Have a GR8 day!!

3 replies

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Foreign incoming calls are treated as any other incoming calls from Canada. You won't be charged for them.

Collect call is a different category. Someone mentioned that you could not accept collect call with Koodo WHP. I would suggest you tell other party to use voip or other calling methods through calling card or internet.
Thank U!
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Hi Sykokiddixoxo! I can confirm that it is not possible to place a collect call to a Koodo wireless or a Wireless Home Phone. Thanks 🙂