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Voicemail notifications

  • 6 July 2019
  • 1 reply

I have Koodo Mobile as my landline, using their little black box thing with an antenna on it in my hallway. But I want to either get a notification of somebody leaving a voicemail forwarded to my cellphone (which is a different supplier), so that I know that I have a message without checking. Ideally, I'd like the message to be emailed to me so I can listen to it, but I don't think they offer this. Anybody got any ideas?


1 reply

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Your only 2 options that I can think of are
1) Setup call forwarding to your cellphone. (This would forward all calls to your cellphone number)
2) You have the ability to check your landline voicemail anytime from your cellphone by calling the number, and once all the rings finish, press star and enter your password to access the voicemail.