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Unexpected much higher bill for Koodo home phone

  • 14 October 2017
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I signed up for the Koodo home phone. I received it in early Sept. I was billed for the few days prior to the full month. No problem. Now I receive anew bill for next month and am charged over $18 for some sort of partial charge. Plus the correct monthly charge of $5. So what is the partial charge for. No explanation and kind of upsets me when I figured things would be better than bell. Anyone have an explanation to partial charges. Would be nice if Koodo explained on the bill.

1 reply

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The first partial month is charged at 20 dollars aonth and then the following months are 5 a month until your 14th bill. You likely started service early into your billing cycle, which explains why it's 18 dollars. Don't worry you're still getting 12 months of 5 a month.