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Several call forwarding and voicemail questions from a wireless home phone newbie

  • 29 June 2019
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Okay, new wireless home phone. I'm trying to make sure I understand how the call forwarding feature works before I set it up. I'm not good about remembering to check voicemail, so I'd prefer to have calls forwarded to my cellphone instead of having the voicemail on the WHP be the first option. I realize that I may end up with voicemail messages on my cellphone if the line is busy, but the cellphone is more aggressive about letting me know there is voicemail I haven't heard yet, so I'm more likely to remember to check it.

Q1: From another post | read, it seems that if I set up call forwarding, then the system will ignore that voicemail exists. So that if I set up call busy forwarding or call unanswered forwarding, instead of going to voicemail as those calls would usually do, the calls will go to the number I specify. Have I got that right so far?

Q2: It looks like to make sure I don't miss any calls, without using voicemail, I need to set up 3 types of call forwarding: *67, for busy signals (the WHP is already taking or making a call),*61 for unanswered calls, & *62 for unreachable (when I don't have the WHP connected). Setting up all three of these to be operating at the same time is possible? I can just set them up one after another over the course of a couple of minutes?

Q3: So the difference between plain call forwarding (*21), and all these others is that with *21 every single call immediately is forwarded to the other number regardless of what is going on with the WHP line? If the WHP is connected and not in use, with *21 in operation, would an incoming call just skip ringing the WHP totally and ring for the first time on the forwarded number?

And finally 2 voicemail questions:

Q4: Am I correct that there is no way to change how many rings before voicemail kicks in?

Q5: The Voicemail set up menu offers the option to modify your message notification options, but when I choose that, it tells me I can set up to 5 different notifications, and the next step informs me how to create a pager notification and nothing else. What are the different possible types of notifications, and other than pager, how are they set? There was an older post that included a link to a "voicemail map" which would be most helpful but when I use that link I get a placeholder page that says that page has been taken down.

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Q1: yes
Q2: yes
Q3: yes

Q4: sort of. It should be possible to reduce the time before forwarding to voicemail in 5 second increments, but the max is 30 seconds, which corresponds to about 4 rings.

Q5: I'll leave this question to someone else. I haven't delved deep enough into the VM menus. The link to the VM map you found would have been out of date. Koodo updated to a new VM system a couple of years ago. Not sure if there's a new map for this one or not.
EDIT: list of current voicemail options is here: https://www.koodomobile.com/help/voicemail
If it's not shown in that list, odds are it's a leftover feature that isn't actually implemented in koodo's system.