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Rogers home phone unable to call Koodo home phone.

  • 18 February 2018
  • 3 replies

I have a Rogers home phone and I am unable to call a relative's koodo home phone. The mesage says the number is long distance and tells me to press 1 before the number. When I press 1 before the number, the message tells me the number is not long distance and does not require 1 before the number. We can receive phone calls from the koodo line with no issues.

3 replies

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That's on Rogers!  Connect with them to see if they have a solution!

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I am not sure did you call Rogers about this . If you had a Koodo wireless you would be able to call Rogers. get the Koodo person to try calling you without dialing 1 bet they have no problem
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No guarantee, but try dialing *671xxxyyyyyyy where xxx is the area code and yyyyyyy the 7-digit local number.

The *67 prefix (block caller id info for this call) sometimes clears problems over interpretation of where the call is originating. I have to occasionally use it when calling from my VoIP service if I can't successfully connect to 1-800 numbers.