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  • 23 September 2017
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I recently ordered the Wireless home phone to change our home unit to use Koodo service but now i'm wanting to return it because I haven't read enough good reviews on the service it provides. I haven't hooked up the phone yet and have it all boxed but I'm not sure where to return it.

3 replies

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You can return it to the location you purchased it. If ordered online, contact the web store by email to request a return mailer.
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We have the wireless home phone and love it... Would never go back to a landline. What sort of reviews did you read?
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I would keep it and try it out we have had no problem with ours at all you can take the modem on vacation with you as long as you take your base phone with you so you don't miss a call you have all the options of a line phone We think it is a very good system and the price is right.