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[Recommand Request] Which Xiaomi Phone can use with Koodo + 4G LTE as well ?

  • 7 September 2018
  • 3 replies

I haven't buy phone yet. but will purchase from https://www.gearbest.com/ .
I am really not good at this and I already got some helped but I don't know so many stuff still....

at least I want to know which model can work well with Koodo.
please select model and let me know. thanks to all of you guys.

3 replies

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I do t think many of us are going to pick through every Xiaomi phone sold to see what works with Koodo. I've bought from gearbest before. They're good with info. Basically every Xiaomi phone is compatible with Koodo's 3G network. As for LTE, you ideally are looking for band 4, which is 1700/2100mhz aws. After that you want to look for band 7, 2600mhz, which will give almost the same coverage, especially in urban centres. Your best luck is with the mi mix, and mi A2 for band 4. Most of their phones have band 7. Global versions of the mi8 will likely have band 4 as well. It just depends on your budget. Xiaomi has a phone for almost every price point. Be sure to get the global version for google play services preinstalled.
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Gearbest is a great site. See your original post here https://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/whici-xiaomi-phone-can-work-with-koodo

Thank you and have a great day!”, Stay safe !!