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porting in Bell landline to koodo home phone

  • 9 March 2021
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I converted my bell land line to the Koodo home phone several months ago. It was working great until the last month. I can call out ( sometimes) but no one is able to call in. The phone will ring at home and then stop. The one calling is hearing the ring tone and then a drop call or busy tone. I have enough service ( green 3-4 bars) and I have turned it off and back on. I have children at home that do not have cell phones and I sometimes need to talk to them. Why I had a landline in the first place, but then switched to the Koodo home phone because of the high costs. I am frustrated with the service I am presently getting. The number is 613-342-6753. Please help.  Cindy ( cell number is 613-246-3403)

2 replies

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It's weird that you seem to have intermittent problems, those are difficult to troubleshoot. It almost sounds as if your handset is acting up. Could you try to connect another handset and see if things go better that way?

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Are you sure you have set up everything correctly? Like, are the wires plugged in at the right place? I suspect that the answer is yes, because you're able to call out, so I suggest contacting Koodo in order to solve whatever porting issue might have happened.