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How does 911 work on WHP ?

I'm moving to a new home soon and I am considering switching my home phone from a landline to WHP, but easy and full 911 functionality is important to me as I have young kids (4 to 8 yrs old) who know how/when to call 911, but I am unsure if they'll be able to tell their new address for a while, and only the elder knows how to read.

Let's say one of them calls 911, how would the call proceed ? Does it get routed to a first call center that has my billing information (I don't plan on moving around the WHP at all) then routed to the actual 911 call center, or is the call routed directly to them, and what information will they have ?

I've read a lot about E911 but I'm still puzzled about how would a call be routed, and what informations the dispatchers would have.

Maybe it is safer to stick with a landline if I have young kids ?

I'm located in Sherbrooke, QC.

Thanks !

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As mentioned in this page https://www.koodomobile.com/help/e911-and-t911
There are 2 phases of E911 and all Koodo phones are able to support both phases of E911.
  • Enhanced 911, or E911 Phase 1, is a service that displays your mobile phone number to emergency operators as well as the location of the cellular site carrying your call.
  • E911 Phase 2 provides improved location information. E911 calls from mobile phones are subject to the same limitations as regular calls from mobile phones. For example, if you’re underground or too far from a network antenna, your signal quality may be affected and you may not be able to connect to the network.
So when you call 911, the operator will know your phone number and your "approximate" location of the WHP
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But it will not know your exact address or billing address. It is treated like a cellphone