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Home Phone first bill has air time charges (which it should not have)

The Home Phone was first setup with number provided by Koodo....so I could test it out.  On Day 2, once I was satisfied with the Koodo Home Phone performance, I initiated the "port over" of my land line which was completed successfully a couple of days after that.
However, my first bill is charging for air time (48 minutes at $0.50/min = $24) under the "provided phone number" this should not have happened.  In addition the bill shows some minutes as free. These should all have been free.  Those charges are only from day 2 of having the home phone...nothing from day 1 of having the home phone.
Not sure if I should be calling the toll free number for help/adjustment....I am a little leary of the potential $10 charge to sort this out.
Koodo Rep:  No access to FaceBook so any private messaging will have to be done by email.

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Billing disputes must be settled by speaking with a rep. Did you make any calls to outside of Canada? Are you near the American border? Did you see in your bill under detailed billing what the numbers wer called that were charged?
Response for Q 1&3: These are all Canadian numbers that have been subsequently called under the "ported over home #" and they have not been charged air time.

Response for Q 2: Close but not close enough to US Border to affect cell/roaming (has not impacted "ported over home #" nor traditional cell phone).  Hub has been in the same location all along.

I presume a call to a rep will not cost $10 service charge if an error is found and is corrected?

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You can send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter as well so you don't have to wait on the line. But if you must call 611 you won't get charged for a billing dispute.
Resolve via call to 611.  Hold time was just a couple of minutes.  Charges were reversed and credit applied immediately.  Thanks.

Clarification...these were long distance charges (not air time) but still should not have been charged for the Canada Wide plan.  Also, not all long distance calls on the initial/temporary phone # were charged for LD....it seemed only those that were made on Day 2 (the day the port over was initiated) AND only those placed before the "port over" online request was made.  Anything on Day 1 did not have LD charges and anything right after the port over online request was made did not have LD charges (as they were assigned to the ported over number).

The rep indicated that this has been known to happen on occasion when a number is ported over so folks should watch their bills for similar situations.