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Home phone beeps

  • 11 March 2019
  • 6 replies

I recently set up a home phone and for some reason, the person who receives my call, hears a beep every minute, or so. I do not hear it but the party i call, hears one beep. I have tried replacing the phone cable and also turning off the hub, unplugging it and restarting it. But the beeps continue. Weird thing is i do not hear the beeps. I thought maybe it was call waiting, but that service has been disabled and it says there should be 2 beeps, not one. Can anyone suggest something?

6 replies

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Does it happen only with that person? If somebody else calls you, does he hear the same thing?
I called my daughter and she also heard the beeps. The beeps sound like someone pressung numbers on my phone like i'm trying to dial a number. Does the hub need to be away from the base to my phone? They were sitting right beside each other. I moved the base away from the hub, and the beeps slowed but did not stop completely. I did hear one of the beeps but not all of them. The beeps seem to start off about 1 min apart but seem to slow down, the longer i am on the call.
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That's very weird... I don't see what could explain your situation. Let's say you take the SIM from the home phone and put it in your cellphone, does it still happen?
Apparently FIDO also has a home phone and people were experiencing the same problem as myself. Their answer was this:
This issue is caused by a firmware glitch on the device meaning a limited amount of ZTE Wireless Home Phone devices are emitting Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) during a phone conversation. This results in a beeping noise. Not sure if that is the problem with my phone and whether koodo has a fix for it.
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I have had this issue on my cellphone for as long as I know. I hear the beep but I assume that the other party pressed a number by accident.

But it doesnt happen too often and i really dont talk all that much. So the issue could lie on the other person's end too. Honestly I would call this just a minor annoyance it if is happening infrequently
Well I have both Rogers and Koodo Wireless Home Phone (WHP) and the Rogers (Fido) home phone does the random beep to people on the other end but not on Rogers handset.
The Koodo WHP doesn't do this luckily, in fact another 2 friends just signed up and theirs isn't doing the beep so I find this strange that Koodo has this issue.
I'm just happy it isn't as the beep thing is very annoying to some callers in fact my mothers doctor hung up on her when this kept persisting and blamed her for being the issue to it. I went through Rogers tech support and escalated it to their techs without resolve. This was several years ago when the first Rogers WHP was released.