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Home Phone and Customer Service Problems

I bought a Wireless Home Phone about a month ago and it was working fine. 2 days ago it just stopped working, no calls in or out, my phone set display says "no line". The hub showed all green lights. I tried turning it on and off, reinserting the SIM card, nothing worked. I contacted Koodo and they said to return it to the store who would replace it. Went to the store, they looked at the notes on my file, they contacted customer service, and customer service refused to exchange it. Said it had to go out for repairs. They also refused to give me a loaner. The guy at the store argued with the rep on the phone because the notes on file said that they told me to go the store to exchange the hub for a new one. I contacted customer service again when I got home and they said the first rep should not have told me that. Said their policy is to send it for repairs with no loaner. I asked where this policy is on their website and they couldn't tell me. I asked for a manager, and she said she was one. Basically said too bad for me.
My questions are:
-does the home phone hubs tend to break down a lot?
-the only policy I can find on my contract or on the koodo website refers to cell phones...which they do have to give you a loaner if it falls within the one year warranty, or an accessory which they have to replace if within one year. The warranty in the box for the home phone is one year. Does anyone know what the policy is for the home phone and where I can find it regarding loaners or replacing it?
-is Koodo customer service always this bad? I got a koodo cell phone earlier this year and between that and the home phone, any time I have a problem with my bill or like in this instance I get no where and have no way of escalating the complaint. I always end of just giving up. I am thinking of just cancelling everything and going with a different provider and chalk it up to a lesson learned.

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Here is there policy on repair and warranty https://www.koodomobile.com/help/warranty-and-repair-policy

Loaner phones aren't available for a long time. I haven't seen any customers said they got a loaner or something for several years. If you insists on loaner then you might be out of luck, as their policy said you can only get if they had one available at the time.

I think the whole communication was about the exchange and loaner. Basically if you bought it within 15 days, you can exchange. If not, you have to send it to repair. If you insists on "customer service" without referencing their policy, you might not go far and get irritated yourself.
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It's unfortunate the first rep gave you the wrong information over the phone, but yes, anything over 15 days is done through warranty.

I havent heard of the defective hubs being a common issue. I would test the sim in another device to ensure the issue with with the hub and not with the sim card
Thanks for the reply. The policy (for cell phones) does say they give out loaners if available, and they did have one there that I could use. The rep on the phone told the rep at the store not to give us one. When I was with Virgin Mobile they always gave you a loaner...both my daughters are with them also and both have had loaners when their phones are out for repairs. The rep at the store actually said they do it for cell phones all the time. He wasn't aware of any policy regarding the home phone.

I am getting irritated because they don't appear to have any specific policy for the home phone versus the cell phone. They tell me it's their policy NOT to give out loaners on home phone but they have no policy that I can refer to.
Hi Dennis,
The guy at the store tried to put the sim into a cell phone at the store to test it, but the home phone sim doesn't fit into a regular cell phone and he had no way of testing it on the home phone hubs that they have in store. The first rep on the phone knew this would happen and that's why he wrote in the notes for the store to just exchange the hub for a new one. That way I could take it home and if it still didn't work, they would know it's the sim card. Both the store and the rep told me that they won't bother to repair the hub, they'll just replace it. Seems stupid for me to have to wait thru this whole process when they can just replace it with the ones sitting on the shelf.