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Forwarding koodo home phone calls to koodo cell phone

  • 11 August 2020
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I have koodo home phone & koodo cell phone service. I want to forward all the incoming home phone calls to my cell while I’m on vacation.

In reading the koodo instructions, it seems that I have three options: forward (21 to setup), forward when calls go unanswered (67 to setup) & forward when unreachable (62 to setup).  What’s the difference between the three? I set it up using forward when unreachable, however, if the forward (21 to set up) sends the calls straight away to my cell phone, that’s the best option for me.

At the moment the calls are going to my cell phone, and are answered by my cell phone vmail if I don’t pick up.  

The problem I’m having is that the home phone is ringing 5 times before forwarding to my cell phone, then the cell is ringing at least another 5 times before kicking to voicemail. No one will wait that long to leave a message. 



2 replies

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Unconditional call forwarding, (the first one), will forward calls to the cellphone without ringing at the home phone first.

Forward when unanswered will ring several times on the home phone first, then forward to the cellphone.

Forward when unreachable forward the calls directly to the cellphone when the home phone is not connected to the network. (powered off, out of range or sim removed).

Perfect, I’ll change to the unconditional call forward and that should correct the issue. Thank you!