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Fax machine

  • 21 May 2020
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Hello everybody! So im getting the ZTE Phone hub thats 5$ since its cheaper than my plan, but i had a question… I also have a fax machine (officejet 6960) that i know can work through a landline. Here’s my question : Can i use my fax through wall line, if i plug my Phone Hub through  wall phone line? You see, my fax machine and my hub are placed on the polar opposite of eachother in my house (and no, i cant move my printer next to the phone hub because : A) the hub is on a small counter and it doesn't have enough place for a fax machine to be plugged next to 😎 the fax machine is directly plugged directly to my computer in my basement, and theres bad connection there so hub cant move here)


thanks in advance


3 replies

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FAX compatibility with any digital phone (VoIP or mobile phone) has been dead for a number of years… as have most of the potential recipients!

Get used to scanning to computer and sending by email or other methods.


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Koodo homephone is using cellular network which is digital . Fax machine mostly uses analog (landline) to receive and transfer data. With the current setup of yours, you  cannot send/receive fax via your wireless home phone.

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Yes, it is possible to connect the phone hub to your home telephone wiring. It will need to be physically disconnected from the telco circuit coming to your house.


It is doubtful that the Fax will work through the hub, though.


You may need to find a Fax relay service if you truly need fax services. I send everything as a scanned image through email these days.