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extra tab charge

  • 24 October 2017
  • 5 replies

Home Phone UL - I changed my phone number this month and all of a sudden I'm getting a $15 tab charge when there was never before.  Additionally, I was double charged $15 + $15 tab charge on my mobile phone but my credit towards my tab only shows $15.  So in total, my tab payment should have been $15 but instead was $45??

5 replies

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What are the dates on the charges? Are they for the same date?
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Hey Kimberly, There shouldn’t be any tab charges for your wireless home phone, it sounds like a system glitch. I recommend either calling in to customer service or sending a Facebook private message to Koodo.
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Hi there!

Are you referring to Koodo's Wireless Home Phone? Cause if that is the case, there is no TAB Charge and therefore there is an error that has to be corrected...

I sent them e-mail, hopefully that will correct things.  If not, I'll call. Thanks

I'm having the same problem, I payed off my device and its giving me a tab charge