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Disable voicemail

My wireless home phone has voice mail as part of the plan but my phone has a voicemail box aswell. I prefer using the mailbox machine attached to my phone then koodo voice mail. Can I turn it off?

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I don't know if you can turn it off or not but it takes 5 rings for Koodo voicemail to answer.  I'd bet if you set your handset voicemail to answer after the 3rd ring, you'd be good to go.

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It can be turned off, but AFAIK you need to call koodo to do so. When I had the WHP I had it turned off for the same reason.
I adjusted the answering speed on my cordless phone to the 3rd  ring.  The Koodo answers after 5 rings, so my cordless phone picks up first and its voicemail takes over.  This leaves my old message intact but more importantly enables call monitoring.

Hopefully, you can adjust your phone.  If not call Koodo.
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There must be an echo on this thread, lol. You have the same answer as I did above.