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customer deceased - how do we contact to have bills ended?

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Before calling Koodo at *611 from the customer's phone or calling 1-866-99-KOODO (1-866-995-6636) try this suggestion from Timo:

"You will need to contact them directly, as you will need to provide amount specific information that should not be posted on a public forum. In this case, I would suggest sending them a private message via facebook, as the team that deals with deceased customers is an outbound calling team. The social media reps will confirm your account information and collect whatever details are required and someone from the appropriate team will be in touch with you shortly. (you can call in as well, but the wait tends to be longer, and you still won't be able to speak directly to that department)."

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Hi Mavis,

Sorry to hear that. You will need to contact Koodo by phone in order to have the account cancelled.