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Can't access voicemail on wirelss home pone

  • 22 July 2019
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Got a wireless home phone a few weeks ago, and so far I'm pleased. BUT... I wanted to check the voicemail today and couldn't do it on that phone. I pushed 1, as I had done to set up the voicemail, and got a system message that my call couldn't be completed as dialed, redial, or dial *611. I hung up, tried again, and got the same response. I tried to call *611 from the wireless home phone and nothing happened--I got the beeps as the numbers dialed, but after that just silence--no sounds or message at all. Is that normal? Does *611 not work from the wireless home phone? I ended up calling my wireless home phone from my cell phone to access the voicemail, and that works, but it's a bit of a nuisance to use that workaround. Any suggestions?

4 replies

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Thanks for letting us know! Sorry you had to go through such an ordeal...
I checked my phone user guide to make sure I hadn't accidentally reprogrammed the 1 key, and it turns out I have to manually program the voicemail number in as part of the phone settings before 1 will work to access it. Voicemail access is fixed.

RANT AHEAD: This part is mostly me complaining.
The *611 problem is supposedly being worked on. After finally convincing the Koodo Assist that YES I WANT A CALLBACK! (the automated system kept insisting that if I told it in simpler terms what the problem is, I didn't need a callback--three requests before it would let me set one up) I got one, but I'm not sure how successful it was. The live person wasn't satisfied with my name, phone number, birth date, and account security code as enough to verify that I was allowed to report that my phone line wasn't working as expected. She wanted my driver's licence number too! Look, I know Koodo doesn't want unauthorized people making changes to accounts, but reporting a problem with service is not something that requires the same level of security as lending out the crown jewels. Why verify my drivers licence to let me say, "it don't work"? It's not as if I drive the phone! Anyway, after much back and forth questioning--why couldn't I be transferred to talk to the tech guy who had all these questions instead of having a go-between? I was told a ticket number and that it would be fixed in a couple of days. I guess I will wait a few days and try calling *611 again to see if it works this time, not that there's much point anymore since when I called *611 from a different phone to report the problem, all I got was an automatic re-direct to Koodo Assist online. I'm sure it saves Koodo time and money, which in the long run helps to keep my bill low, but it does absolutely nothing to make me feel that Koodo gives a damn whether my phone service works. /END RANT
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I would double check if you didn't program the number 1 to something else. Some phone allow users to reprogram it. Also, you could also call your number from the WHP phone, it should also calls your voicemail.
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Very strange indeed! We have the WHP as well and dialling 1 or 611 both work perfectly. Are you able to leave a voicemail message on your number?