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Can't access voicemail on WHP - Koodo system does not recognize the keytone

  • 22 January 2021
  • 2 replies

Just got a new VTech home phone.  I called from my cell to test the voicemail on the home phone.  When I try to access the voicemail from the home phone, the Koodo voicemail system does not recognize the keytone.  I press “1” to review the message, and the system doesn’t hear it  - I get “Are you still there?”  Is there a way to access voicemail from my cellphone (also Koodo)?

2 replies

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You can access the voicemail by dialing the number from any phone and whenever the voicemail prompt starts, you press *.

Thank you.  I think I knew this once but forgot.  Gotta love getting older!