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Answering machine with number announce doesn't work

I have an AT&T 1739 Digital Answering machine that has number announce.  It still answers the phone and take messages, but it has two problems:
1)It no longer announces the number after the first ring.
2)When the person hangs up, it doesn't seem to detect it immediately and records a long busyy signal period.

I understand that answering machines can be hit or miss with Koodo home phone, but I like the number announce.  Does anyone know of a model that would work?


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Have you tried connecting your answering machine to port 2 of the ZTE device?
The answering machine appears to expect to be plugged into the phone line and the phone plugged into it.  I tried it this way (on both port 1 and 2).  No joy.

Then I tried the phone plugged directly into line 1 and the answering machine on line 2.  Still no luck. 

I'm assuming that answering maching isn't compatible, but I'm open to other suggestions.

Thanks for your help.