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why is it so hard to talk to someone who can give me more than just a $50 gift card!!?

  • 9 July 2020
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I ordered a galaxy s9 on June 3rd, on the 10th it was lost by UPS.  IT HAS TAKEN OVER A MONTH of calling 3 times a week for them to tell me…

" oh we dont have any s9's available at the moment"

"Okay, give me a better phone for the same price"

"Oh no the best I can do is a $50 gift card, maybe $100 but I will get flagged!"


This.... is after being sent to every single facet of this companies bull customer service lines. I have talked to the QUALITY CONTROL TEAM, THE ONLINE SERVICES TEAM, THE MANAGER OF THE ONLINE SERVICES TEAM, THE CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGERS, AND FINALLY A SUPERVISOR. All culminating yesterday when I was promised I was talking to someone with atleast a LITTLE authority to deal with this absolute ridiculous situation I've been put in, when I had that exact conversation above. They have kept me waiting WEEKS more than once!


If Koodo cannot offer me a deal better than a $100 gift card after spending 6 hours of my time over the past month on breaks and lunches talking to every single "level" of management over the phone then they do not deserve mine or your business. It's truly embarrassing. They have literally wasted my time in the truest possible sense.

I gave koodo the benefit of the doubt and they never showed they actually cared as a company about their customers.

5 replies

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The package was lost by UPS, correct?   How did they lost it?  It never arrived?

  Did you call UPS?  What they say about it? Are they investigating your case?


The package was lost by UPS, they have been investigating, and fully admitted "driver" fault through email. 

The driver apparently signed it to someone that was not me. The last contact I had with UPS was the 27th, where they had me submit a police report online with my city.

To clarify I never even saw the package. 



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The package was lost by UPS, they have been investigating, and fully admitted "driver" fault through email. 

If they admitted it was driver, then you should chasing them...? They/driver should give you item or money back.

I wish it were that easy.

Koodo is who I bought the phone through. Their courier is UPS. Koodo has also been in contact with UPS. The onus to make sure I as a customer am satisfied isnt on UPS. Chasing UPS isnt going to get me anywhere. UPS and koodo will sort out the missing phone eventually.

But for now all I want... is a phone. I dont care about who lost my phone or how, and i just want some sort of deal because I've gone through hell this past month dealing with customer service.


The facts are:

I bought a phone off koodo

It never arrived 

I have spent the past month dealing with their customer service 

After all of this the best they could do was "maybe" $100 giftcard after the phone I wanted was out of stock