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When will Koodo receive new shipment of Google Pixel 5?

  • 8 December 2020
  • 26 replies

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26 replies

Strange that I ordered mine on November 19 (order number: HFO28372123), got approved on November 20 and it hasn’t shipped yet. The rep I spoke with when I scheduled a call-back today told me some vague stuff about 8-week long delays. Meanwhile, the first bill has arrived and I don’t even have a phone yet.

I was told 1-2 weeks when I placed my order...


Yesterday I got the disappointing email that my shipment may be delayed until the end of February 2021. I just got another email this evening that my order has shipped via UPS.

Same. Got the email yesterday and a shipping email today. Pixel 5 ordered on Nov 19th

Let’s hope it arrives in time before Christmas. They also sent me a new service agreement but I’m not sure it included the extra CAD 5 credit they mentioned in yesterday’s email. Maybe I need to read that again.

Yea I couldn’t see any mention of it either in the new agreement. Mine is shipping with purolator and is due to arrive on Tuesday.

Mine is with UPS. Arrives end of day Tuesday they said. Fingers crossed.

Mine is with Canada Post and says it is supposed to arrive Tuesday.

It finally arrive this morning