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When ordering an upgrage phone online

  • 25 May 2020
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I am wondering why Koodo seems to make it hard to deal with ordering online and finding any info if it is not your first phone. Say I order an upgrade phone online right now, does my current phone stay active until the new phone arrives? I need a working phone and I am paying for one. I can find no info on this


I also wish it was possible to just get it sent to the store as an option since the first thing I want to do when I get a new phone is get a new case and screen protector. It's almost more of a pain in the butt to send it to my house cause I don't want to use it till the protection is on it anyway, but don't want to pay the stupid $40 fee. They should wave that fee it's a stupid system as far as I'm concerned

1 reply

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I guess some things are just assumed as known. Your phone doesn’t get active or inactive when bought and such. Whether your line works or not is based on your sim card. Service moves with it as you swap it between phones.


Oh it’s a very stupid fee. They say it’s to pay for physical location and activation stuff and that does have a cost, but it was previously built into the price of doing business and now it’s justification for a fee to charge more to make up for a relative decrease in profits elsewhere. Well, that’s more speculation but given long term behaviour and their PR speak at CRTC hearings and such, but I digress. You should order a case and screen protector from an online retailer in advance and you’ll preobably get it at the same time and it’ll be much cheaper than getting accessories from a Koodo store.