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What exactly does "new activation" mean?

  • 21 November 2020
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In the nitty gritty for a promo bonus (earphones), I see “Available with the new activation of a [list of phones]”
but when I log into my koodo account and view the page, that promo is no longer visible.

I would expect “activation” to mean “activation of a new phone”… but perhaps that isn’t the case? If not, the wording is super ambiguous.


Best answer by Mayumi 22 November 2020, 01:15

New activation means opening a new account or adding a new line to your account.

Buying a new phone is upgrade your phone.

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6 replies

I have exactly the same question / issue.  


My understanding is the same as yours - this promo should be available to me if I’m buying a new phone.

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New activation means opening a new account or adding a new line to your account.

Buying a new phone is upgrade your phone.

I was afraid of that...

"Upgrading" is clear and unambiguous... But "activating a [device name]" seems almost deceptive to a layperson. "Activating" typically means turning something on or attaching it to an already-purchased service (like netflix)... 

This isnt "activating a [device]", it's "buying a new line and a [device] in the same transaction", and there has got to be a better way to phrase it, like "Available with purchase of both a new line and a [device]".


Anyways... Sorry, not your fault, and thanks for the clarification... Just not sure where else to vent about borderline deceptive marketing.

I agree with you 100%.  It’s extremely deceptive.

The first thing I did when I saw the deal was try to determine if it was only for new accounts.  If it had said “Only available on new activations with a [phone list] …”, I wouldn’t have wasted a ton of time trying to get what I was clearly entitled to (based on the marketing).

Also, it’s not just unclear to laypeople.  Before I tried to purchase online, I spoke to a representative at a Telus / Koodo reseller and two agents at a Koodo kiosk and their understanding was the same as mine.  If they had had any of the headphones and/or the phone I wanted in stock, I would have my new phone and headphones right now.

Leave it to Koodo to take what would have otherwise been a positive thing and turn it into miserable customer experience.  Customer service has declined so much in the last year that I now find myself trying to decide whether I really want to enter into a deal that ties me to this company for another 2 years.  Due to the loyalty disincentive, I can easily get the same deal anywhere … only without the runaround.

Choose unhappy!

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Agree, I too wish that deals were still available to everyone but sadly Koodo changed that a few years ago.

No one would blame you if you got the deal elsewhere, loyalty is no longer a thing so there is no need to be loyal as a customer.

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The wording "Available with the new activation of a [list of device] is for sure making people confused.

They could say something like "Available with the new Account/line activation with a purchase of a [ list of device] ". ( Mixed wording between 'I says' and ' DarrylD' s idea/suggestions.)