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Wanting to order a phone but live in a condo

  • 30 December 2020
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So I’m in a situation where I’m currently living with my boyfriend in a condo owned by him.

I’m planning on ordering a new phone but my issue is that the plan and phone is obviously under my name, but the condo is under my boyfriends name and when the delivery driver comes, they need to look for my boyfriends name in the directory to be buzzed in for delivery or even to leave a delivery notice.


Is there any way of adding a message for delivery so they could do that? I’ve tried the help bot but they weren’t really that helpful.

1 reply

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I think your best option is to send an email to the webstore with your question. Some couriers allow you to add notes to the delivery while your parcel is in the tracking phase. Without knowing which courier will be delivering your parcel, it’s difficult to give you a definitive answer.