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online order cancelled

  • 15 April 2021
  • 3 replies

Trying to order a phone and plan for my father who is elderly. I go through the entire process using his info. The first time it came back and said that they could not validate the credit info. I thought maybe I entered something wrong and did it again yesterday. Got an email saying it was being verified. No email since.  Heckled the status and it is cancelled again with no communication. Can anyone tell me what is going on. Order# HFO********. 

3 replies

Went through the whole procedure for my elderly mother with no issues. 

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I have flagged your question for a Koodo rep, hopefully they can see what’s going on with your order :)

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Hello @jonralph2013! We’ve checked your order and it seems that the information you provided when placing the order did not correspond to the information from the credit bureau. In order to find out what doesn’t match or what’s missing, please contact Equifax/Transunion.