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I’m trying to preorder the illusion sunset online and I am getting

“Looks like we're out of LG VELVET 5G ILLUSION SUNSET online. Please call your nearest store, or you can take a look at the other awesome phones we have here.” 


Am I no longer able to pre order? Is it an issue with the colour selection? 
Please advise.

  Thank you


Best answer by Allan M 21 July 2020, 14:32

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At which steps in the shopping process did you see that notification?. I managed to get it to the “Check out” without any issue.


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After entering my card information and when I confirm shipping and billing address. I think the last step. 

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After entering my card information and when I confirm shipping and billing address. I think the last step. 

This is strange, you could send an email to the webstore koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com and ask a rep there to check. The webstore might know more about the available stock.

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Will do, thanks

I'm getting the same problem here. If you could give an update here so i can do the same. 


Thank you !

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I emailed the web team, they said theyre aware of the problem and to keep trying as they’re fixing it. I’ve tried several times a day for 2? days now- still not working. Tried as soon as 10 minutes ago. As soon as I get it to go through, I will message here.

I had the exact same problem, July 20, at around 4pm. Right at the end of entering all my info, it told me it was no longer in stock. I’ll try again tomorrow. 

I've sent them a message about it and told me they were unaware of this situation 😂 


Thank you for your feedback hsmith and strawberry!

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Looks like theyre aware and working on a fix


I’ve had the same issue but just had an order go through. Try it now

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Can confirm order appears to have went through today!


Thanks for your order!

It's currently being verified.

Thank you very much for keeping us updated !


My order has been confirmed as well !

Does anyone know how much the dual screen will retail for? I guess that's what the $200 gift card is supposed to cover?