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iphone se pre-order......

  • 17 April 2020
  • 6 replies

I just tried to add a line and pre-order an iphone SE for my daughter’s bday.  I got to the last step, entered my credit card info etc, confirmed the order, then a message came up that no more white iphone SE were available online and that I should visit a store to shop for other phones……..


Did my order go through and I received this message because it is a pre-order?

Did my order not go through at all?


I’ve had good luck with Koodo over the years…..but, I’m feeling a bit let down at the moment.



6 replies

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@MC101 - I do not see a pending order int he system matching your account number.
I’ve flagged this to our web team to look into, as we should have enough inventory to support orders.
Would you mind trying again and letting us know if you see the same message? 

I am having the same issue no matter which colour or storage it’s saying no stock online.

Just tried again.  Same outcome.


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Thanks for confirming. I’ve flagged to our web team and they are investigating. I’ll let you know once I have an update or it’s been resolved. 

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Looks like the issue should now be resolved. Would you mind trying again, @MC101 and @benbennybenjamin 

Yes thank you, it worked for me now.