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I can't Checkout

  • 15 September 2021
  • 5 replies

I have an existing account with Koodo.  I am trying to add another line (bringing my own phone), I select the plan I want, go to checkout but I cannot submit the order because there’s no button to do so.  The screen just shows me the name of the plan I selected and lists the $5 charge for the new SIM but I can’t submit the order.

5 replies

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Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? (don’t show any personal information please)

Here you go.  Thanks!



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I see, it looks to me as if you are trying to buy just a SIM but not the line to go with it. What happens when you click “add a plan” (bottom)?

When I click on Add Plan it just takes me back to select a plan, I select the same thing again and I asks me if I wish to switch what I have in my basket and then takes me to the same screen I’ve pasted above.  I’m just going round in circles and tearing my hair out.

I’ve also tried doing the same thing in another browser thinking it might be a caching issue but I get the same thing.

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Yikes, that’s no fun… I’m afraid you may need Koodo’s assistance then - request a call back, or contact them through Facebook/Twitter PM. You might try to insist that they waive the fee, since you wanted to add the line yourself and the site is glitching out on you.