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How long does the return process take?

  • 8 May 2020
  • 9 replies

I facilitated a return through the WebStore within the 30 days required to successfully complete an online return.

The device was delivered back to Koodo by Canada Post last Thursday. It’s been 8 days now; when will the return be processed, and how will I know when it has? I’ve been phone-less for over a week and need to order a new phone. Do I have to wait for the return to be processed before ordering a new phone?


9 replies

I'm in the exact same boat as you. I returned my phone that I ordered online. Canada post app says it arrived back to the mailroom on the 6th. I'm still waiting for my tab to be cleared to order a new phone as well.

It’s been brutal  @Evan Matthew Godin. And guess what? IM STILL WAITING. We’re on day # 12. I’ve given Koodo every benefit of the doubt and a chance to keep a customer, but I’m switching to another provider. It has been painstakingly hard to get through with them; they are insulting their customers by not at all responding by phone or by email. How are you supposed to deliver customer service like this? The virtual assistant can only do so much. Not to mention, I can’t ever get a clear enough answer when I hear back from them in 2-4 day chunks. Koodo = get it together, man.

Any updates @Stu Koodo ?

I'm in a similar situation.

Hey @Nah. I’m actually not sure, because I switched providers after waiting 14+ days. I don’t have access to my tab, and Koodo hasn’t emailed me yet (not even sure if they would have, I asked about it but they wouldn’t tell me).

For what it’s worth, my new phone from my new provider shipped in 2 (TWO!) days. Said provider has also been super responsive with their customer service answering calls and emails as they should. Not sure what’s up with Koodo.

What about you, @Evan Matthew Godin?

Good luck guys.

I emailed them last week with order and tracking number. I was sent an automated email back. Still haven't heard anything...gonna call em this week. I really want to order my new phone already.. 😔

@Evan Matthew Godin Good luck calling them; I tried day after day trying to get a hold of them over the phone and through email but always received automated responses like you. I suggest using the Koodo Assistant and booking a callback time, that worked for me when I went to cancel the service.

I just couldn’t go any longer without a phone I need it for work

I just scheduled a callback using the chat. I got a hold of a rep. Everything is all good now. Can finally order my new phone. 🤟

@Evan Matthew Godin Finally. Took long enough!

Hey @Evan Matthew Godin,

Was the call with the rep what helped clear the issue?


Thanks for your help!

Glad you got it sorted out