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check status of pre order

  • 14 October 2020
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Hey! We preordered a pixel 5. The release date is tomorrow but we haven't heard anything about our shipment. I tried checking the online tracking but it said invalid order number, im guessing this is since the order was placed over the phone?  

 Anyway to verify the order is still active and see when it has shipped?  Will it be shipped for release? 


Best answer by JohnM Koodo 14 October 2020, 18:22

Hello, shipping will occur after release. The messaging on the product page “Order will ship by October 29, 2020” is still accurate.


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16 replies

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Hello, shipping will occur after release. The messaging on the product page “Order will ship by October 29, 2020” is still accurate.


ok so koodo is no longer trying to get pre-orders to people on release day?  doesnt make much sense to punish early adopters...but ok

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In this case, as far as I know the shipping is related to Googles supply as a vendor. I personally ordered a Pixel 4a from google on the first day of the pre orders in Canada back in Sept and I am expecting my device to arrive tomorrow according to the shipping tracking number. In contrast, the IPhone 12 launch tomorrow will guarantee the first tranche of clients in their pre-order delivery on the release date, but later delivery if pre orders are high since supply is limited. In general it depends on the vendor. Please know that we will get you order to you as soon as we possibly can. 

Best, John.  

Did you get your pixel 5 yet?

Release in US and Canada is October 29th. Everywhere else was the 15th. 

I received a message from the webstore yesterday that they released early in order to get it to customers by release date. 

I had originally received a shipping notification with tracking number on friday then got one saying they couldn't deliver as scheduled.  Now it says ready fro UPS. I spoke to UPS who says they dont have it from the vender yet so I figure someone jumped the gun.


As per Koodo I should get a shipping notification soon. We'll see

I got an email saying it was shipped on Friday, but the tracking just says the shipping label was created.. but the estimated delivery date is today so... I'm a little confused :)

Yea it is confusing but i think UPS just started processing as per usual but Koodo didnt send them the product or advised not to ship yet.

I got this message yesterday:

Hello there, We hope you are doing amazing. Regarding the order HFO******, you should have received your shipping email for your Google Pixel pre-order.  We have processed your order early in order to have ready for you to receive your new device on time for launch.  Your order will ship on Wednesday Oct 28th.

Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for choosing Happy!

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I received a shipping email last Friday saying the shipping label has been created. I have had no updates from the shipping company. However i did receive a call and email from Koodo asking that if i received the phone before the 29th that I do not turn it on or charge it before the release date? Has anyone else got messages like this?

Nope, just a bunch of texts and emails about it being active..

Just got an email from ups. In transit here tomorrow 

Mine was shipped Canada Post and won't be here til next week according to tracking..

I received an update on tracking as well and it said Friday delivery for me.

Ups or Canada Post?

Purolator. Im in BC as well

Mine left Calgary around noon today according to tracker

Fewf it's here