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Cant Track Order

  • 24 March 2021
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So I ordered a new phone with Koodo 2 days ago. They told me my order was up for approval and I would get a shipping notification when it had been shipped, but that I could track my order in the meantime.

I was never able to track my order from the beginning. Once I enter the order number and my email, the page just loads and loads and never changes. I even let it sit on my laptop for hours and it never changed. 

Then, I got a shipping notification from UPS, great. It told me my package would be here at 3:15 and it never showed up. 

At this point I just want to be able to track my order so I know that it was for sure approved and I am going to get the phone at all. I get a lot of spam email so it could've been a fraudulent UPS shipping notification. 

I'm a new customer and I'm already frustrated with the service I've received. 


3 replies

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Do you have a tracking number provided at all? If not, what’s your order number? I can flag a rep to help you out with tracking it.

The order number from Koodo is HFO29514943 and the tracking number I got from UPS is 1Z454W1A2O95877385

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Hi! After tracking your order number, it seems like the device has been already delivered to you on Monday the 29th. Is that correct? Did you receive your phone?