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Cant Receive Verification code to purchase new phone

  • 3 June 2020
  • 6 replies

hello i need assistance with purchasing a new phone, my current phone got destroyed and when i try to purchase a new one from the koodo website its asking me to verify my purchase by sending a code to my phone number. However since my old phone is literally destroyed, i have no way to receive a verification code and i cannot callback and i cant find a way to talk to anyone at koodo customer service. 

6 replies

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Hi there! I was able to look up your account based on your Koodo Community email address and we actually have a Community Hub available rather close to your location: 

Master Com (Koodo)

61 Hanna Avenue

Toronto, ON, M6K 3N7

Phone: (647) 350-8007


We advise that you phone in ahead of time to make sure that it is open and check their hours of operation as well. If the store is not open, you can always use the Store Locator to search for other open locations, but always call in ahead of time. 


They would be able to assist with a phone purchase, and it would bypass the need for that code or a callback. Just remember to have your photo identification with you :)

i went there yesterday and they couldnt fix my issue and said i had to upgrade my plan and were offering me only the iphone 11 which i dont want, i do not want to go back there as there assistance was not helpful. 

IF i put my SIM card into my friends iphone, will i be able to get the code? Also when i go to change my plan on self serve the web page doesnt work so i dont even know what my plan is, i cant suspend it or change it at all. opening a new browser does not work and deleting cookies etc does not work either. 

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If your friend’s phone is unlocked and it is a valid option, yes, you should be able to place the SIM card in it and use it at least to receive the code and proceed with the order. Please keep in mind though that the phone models and colors might impact the delivery time of that phone.

what do you mean by unlocked?


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Phones purchased before December 2017 were locked to the carrier issuing the phone, and will not work on other carriers unless ‘unlocked’.

Any phone on the Telus family would not have needed to be unlocked to use with a Koodo SIM.